Early New Year’s Resolution

Ok, I know it’s not New Year’s but I wanted to get this new goal out there. They say if you make your goals public, that helps right?

Anyway, the photo below is from the SQL PASS Summit 2011 in Seattle, Washington.  This is a picture of the registration booth, specifically the very last line.

You’ll notice that it’s the line for Speakers, MVP’s, MCM’s, or new registrations.  The sheer awesomesauce that the Summit laid out, along with seeing this sign, I know without a doubt that I will be back at a PASS Summit one day. .

And I know that I’ll be standing in this line.  Don’t know when, but it’ll happen. That’s my goal.

Now, I know that I have some (ok, a LOT) of work to do before I’m worthy of this line, but I’m working on it.  I seriously doubt that I’ll be in either of the MVP/MCM catagories any time soon, but I can definitely work on my speaking.

Stay tuned #sqlcommunity, you’ll see me again.

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4 Responses to Early New Year’s Resolution

  1. You know they say goals are more effective if you have a target date – 2013?

  2. Yeah, that’s probably about right. I feel like I need to get more technical presentations under my belt.

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