Duke Nukem Forever
Puzzle Friday: Duke Nukem Style!

It’s puzzle Friday.  You’re here to kick butt and chew bubblegum.  You are all out of bubblegum. What do you do?

So, an esteemed colleague of mine, Jamie (Blog | Twitter), sends out a puzzle every Friday.  It’s usually some type of logical/math puzzle.

Here’s this week’s puzzle:

John lives in a house that has the reverse numbering to Jane’s house (so, for example, if John lived at number 56, Jane would be at 65).  The difference between their house number ends in 2.  Neither John or Jane live in a house numbered between 1 and 10, nor in a house number over 99.

What are their house numbers?

So, I think I was able to solve this using some T-SQL, but I won’t find out if my answer was correct until next week.  Jamie likes to keep us in suspense. If I’m correct, I will post my answer.   Ok, even if my answer isn’t correct, I’ll put something up about it.  My query only returned one set of numbers that matched the requirements, but you never know.

How would you solve this? Send me your answers and we’ll see if you’re right!

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