SQL Saturday #165 – Lincoln, Nebraska

Nothing like being selected to speak in your own back yard.  I am honored once again to be selected to speak at a SQL Saturday, this time in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It’s been an exciting journey watching the Lincoln User Group get off the ground and now they are putting on a SQL Saturday.

The day is going to be full of great speakers.  Speakers like Mike Fal (B|T), Chris Shaw (B|T), Jason Kassay (T), Christina Leo (B|T), Kevin Kline (B|T), Mark Stacey (T) and many others.

Some local favorites will be speaking as well so make sure to check out Phil Brammer (B|T), David Klee (B|T), Sudhir Gajre (T), and Andy Galbraith (B|T) for their sessions!

Oh yea, I’ll be speaking as well! You’ve been warned!

Backups & Restores: You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

This is a new presentation that I’ve put together.  Backups & Restores is probably one of the most critical things that a DBA can understand and implement.  In this session we will look at understanding the basics of backups and restores along with ways to use them to prevent a disaster! This session may or may not have a Wizard of Oz theme.  I haven’t decided quite yet.  😉

Social Networking Is Alive!


This session is about social networking and how you can use it to improve not only your professional life, but your personal one as well.  This session isn’t geared to specifically database gear heads, but to anybody who wishes to improve their online presence through the use of social networking.  It’s a fun session and I hope that the attendee’s enjoy it!!  HINT: I’ll show you how to get free SQL Server help from one of the popular social networks.

This session is one of the last sessions of the day, so I can neither confirm or deny that a cow bell from SQL Saturday #144 will make an appearance in order to make sure people stay awake!

Free Training

When is the last conference that you went to that was chocked full of training and it didn’t cost you a dime? If it wasn’t a SQL Saturday, it probably didn’t happen.  This is a full day of FREE SQL Server training!

Remember that along with the free training, the speakers, organizers and countless volunteers are also donating their time to put on this great event.  Take a moment to thank them when you see them.  I assure you that they will appreciate it!

So go, register and learn. Enjoy the day. The event is located downtown Lincoln and take a moment to walk around and enjoy the home of the Nebraska Corn Huskers!

Don’t let the awesomeness of what is Lincoln, Nebraska scare you away!


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