SQL Saturday #222 – Sacramento, CA

It’s that time of year again where I’m heading off to Sacramento, CA for their upcoming SQL Saturday event, #222.

I’m once again honored to be selected to speak.  They have a great line up with folks like Mike Fal, Steve Jones, David Klee,  Grant Fritchey, Kalen Daleny, Vicky Harp from Idera, Argenis Fernandez and countless others so trust me when I say that I’m honored to be speaking along side these folks.

I’m excited for this event as I’m doing a new presentation that I put together earlier this year.  I was supposed to give this at the 2013 RMOUG Oracle conference in February however the good Lord had other plans and had my youngest son show up 2 months early.  (BTW, both Mom & Simon are still doing outstanding!)

SQL Server Databaseology 201

So this session is about the internal structures of SQL Server.  Databaseology is just the study of databases in all of their glory.  Well, more specifically SQL Server databases.  =) I’ll be going for a deeper dive into how the rows are physically structures, how they fit together on pages, what extents do as well as discuss some of the various allocation maps that are in play.  Plus some demo code!!  Whoo Hooo!!

You’ll be able to find me in the Sacramento Room at 11AM.  Come one come all!  I promise I won’t bite.

What are you waiting for?

Still trying to decide to attend? IT’S FREE TRAINING!! Ok, $10 if you want to have the event provide lunch to you.  How can you beat that?  You can’t!!  Not even with a stick and a blindfold!!  Get out there and register!  There is still time!

Come see what the #sqlfamily is all about!

If you see me around the area please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and say high!!

See you in Sacramento!

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