Idera_new_logo If you have been around the SQL Community long enough, you probably have heard of a software company called Idera.  They make a wide range of useful SQL Server tools.   What you might not know, is that they are also heavily invested into the SQL Community.  One way they invest is with their Idera ACE program which they have re-launched for 2016.

ACE’s, which stands for Advisors & Community Educators, are essentially members of the community who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and helping the community at large.

Idera helps these members pursue their passion by sponsoring their travel to events such as SQL Saturday’s as well as offering guidance on improving soft skills.

Iidera_ace‘m a 2016 Idera ACE

I am humbled to announce that I will be an Idera ACE for 2016.  This is truly an amazing opportunity for me which lets me continue giving back to the community.

As an added benefit, the program will help me to get to events that I might not have otherwise been able to. As most my speaking engagements are done out of my own pocket, having Idera to help offset some of the expense is an amazing gift.

There are a couple of other key benefits that I really like about the program.

  1.  To be part of the program, I don’t have to sell their products.  I will, however, thank Idera in my slides & presentations for sponsoring me. I don’t claim to be an expert in their tools, but I’ll be able to learn more about them.  This program is about the community, not increasing the bottom dollar.
  2. Beta testing.  As an Idera ACE I may get the chance to participate in some beta testing of their tools.  I’ll potentially have the ability to help improve their tools for data professionals everywhere.  I find that very exciting.
  3. I’m hoping to get to incorporate some of their tools in my presentations.  One of their tools in particular, Virtual Database, is a really useful product that I have implemented in a unique way to solve a couple of issues.  I’m looking forward to show that to others and playing with that even more.

Thanks Idera!

Idera is investing in me to further my involvement with the SQL Community and for that I am truly grateful.  This is a fantastic opportunity and I have zero intention of letting you down.

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