Changing Of the Guard

ArlingtonAs many of you know,  I stay very active within the PASS community.  In late 2007 I got my start, when I helped to organize and the Omaha SQL/BI user group.  I am very proud to say that group is still going strong as of today.  Unfortunately, I had to give up the leadership role when I moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Louisville, Kentucky.  Although the move offered up new opportunities,  it cost me that  role I loved.

When I arrived in Louisville, the local SQL Server user group had already been around for a good 10 years.  Originally started by my friend Malathi Mahadevan (B|T) and then later taken over by a new friend, Dave Fackler (B|T).  Both individuals have done a fantastic job of representing the passion for learning & knowledge through the power of the user group.  I was happy to see the user group is strong and healthy simply due to the time and effort they each have provided.

User group leaders are similar to the soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Standing steadfast before the group in the name of knowledge, passion, community, stewardship, learning and respect.  The Guardians of the group ensure that knowledge is delivered in the best way possible and offer the community many avenues to learn – through blog posts, meetings, SQL Saturdays, and free training material just to name a few.

There comes a time though, where the Guards need a break.  Standing steadfast for years on end can become overwhelming or life just takes a new direction for them.  So, much like at the tomb, even user groups have a changing of the guards at times.

The time has come.

Changing of the Guard

I’m very happy to announce that along with my fellow guard, Chris Yates, starting in May 2016 we will be taking over the leadership of the Louisville SQL Server user group.  We are honored that Dave has entrusted us to continue to be leaders in our community.  Both Chris and I have lofty goals for the group and have zero intention of letting Dave down.

Chris and I will continue to be watchful of the group.  We will continue to bring in valuable knowledge to each and every meeting.  We hope to expand our horizons a bit with some new ideas,  so stay tuned for those announcements.

I’d like to send a very special thanks to Dave for his leadership of the group for the past years.  Dave has worked very hard to bring a solid avenue for knowledge into our community and his hard work definitely shows in the continued attendance of the monthly meetings. Dave will still be around as I’m sure that both Chris and I will lean on him occasionally for guidance as we begin this new journey.

I’d also like to send a special thanks to my new partner in crime, Chris Yates.  Chris has offered up his valuable time to help run the group with me and I’m looking forward to see where we can take this.

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