SSIS – Adding Connections

Sometimes you get reminded that you don’t know everything about SQL Server and it’s various products Every time I run into something like this I am going to write a quick blog about it.  It’s something new I’m trying

While recently examining an existing SSIS package  before implementing some needed changes I noticed the connection manager for multiple flat files.

Normally, when processing multiple files, I use a sequence container and loop through them.  It’s usually a cumbersome process to setup and you must configure variables.  I was not aware the multiple flat file type of connection manager existed. No wonder because it’s notwithin the normal list.  This handy thing could only be found when I looked under “New Connection”.

Right click in the blank space in the Connection Manager and select “New Connection” from the resulting dialog window.

Suddenly a whole new list of connections is now available!

Just a reminder that it benefits, at times, to click around to discover new things!


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