Vote Like You Mean It.

Ok, a quick post as the PASS Nomination Committee’s selected candidates for 2011 just came out yesterday.

If you don’t know who they are, you can see more here.

Are you going to vote? I will.

Anyway, if you have any association with PASS related events/groups/members, you should treat this as any other voting opportunity.  There are 6 candidates to fill three slots on the board and keep in mind that the Board is the executive body of PASS so who ever is chosen will affect most likely affect the path that PASS heads down.

If you don’t vote, your voice will not count and you can’t complain if you don’t like the direction of where PASS might be headed. OK,  you can, but I probably won’t listen so this is your time to go out, do some research on the candidates (Blog, Twitter, etc) and vote.

The voting will start on December 6th 2011 and will run until December 20th, 2011. If you are a PASS member in good standing, you should be receiving an email that has the voting instructions.  You’ll also be able to see the campaign platforms for each candidate on 12/6, which will aid in your research.

Watch your email for that notification.

Go.  Get your voice heard.

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