Blogger Disclosure Information

Note: The template for this page was taken from Brent Ozar (Blog | Twitter),  It has been modified to suit my needs.  I’d like to take a second and give thanks to Brent for offering up his disclosure format so that us noobs can learn from him.  =)

In a nut shell, the US Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers disclose their relationships in public.  I’m not an attorney and I could probably get away with NOT disclosing any relationships but you never know.  You can read more about it here and make your own decision.



I am a member of the affiliate program through Amazon.  You will find links on this site to various products that you can purchase from Amazon.  If you purchase one of these products, you do so at you’re own free will and I do not accept any responsibility for your choices.

I have several technical recruiter contacts and have assisted in finding candidates to fill their technical needs.  I do not receive any compensation for performing this service other than a free lunch now and then.

I will keep this page as updated as possible, however I am human therefore fallible.  I will attest that the contents of this page is to my knowledge in line with the requirements of the US Federal Trade Commission. If it’s not, please feel free to contact me and set me straight.

The contents of this page is subject to change at any point in time.

Just as Brent did, if you wish to use the contents of this page as a template for your blog, please by all means do so.