Calling Family Members!!

Ok, I need your help. First, a little story.

My wife is a part time nanny for a couple of kids.  The parents of these kids are both teachers and one of them (the mom & we’ll call her Annie), has a project going on with her students where they have to write in a journal a little about themselves and then send the journal out into the world for others to write in, put pictures & postcards etc.

Well, there is one student that didn’t have anywhere to send his journal so Annie asked my wife if we would help out.  Of course we jumped at it!! My wife wrote into the journal and then we had to decide where to send it next.  I made a few phone calls to my family and the journal is currently in mid-Missouri making rounds.

Anyway, over the weekend, I was thinking about how awesome our #sqlfamily is and though, how cool would it be, if his journal came back to him completely full of stories from around the nation.  So, this blog post is born!

If you are interested in helping this young man out, leave a comment, drop me an email or DM me through Twitter and I’ll contact you.  I would love to get someone on either coast to write in it and maybe attach a post card or picture of your area.  At this point, I’m open to sending it just about anywhere, as long as I can get it back.

The trick is that the journal needs to be back here in Nebraska by May, so I’ve only got a couple of months, so I would ask that if you sign up to do this, you agree to

  1. Turn the journal around in 4 days or less once you get it.
  2. Not to forget about the journal and let it sit on your coffee table for months.
  3. Let me know when you send the journal off to the next destination.
  4. Shoulder the cost of sending the journal to it’s next author.  Sorry, I can’t afford to reimburse everybody but it’s for a good cause!

I am going to try to keep track of the journal in it’s journey as I think that it would make for a neat story for the #sqlfamily. Who knows, maybe we start #sqlkids to help out students of family members when they have projects like this!

Let me know if you’d like to help!

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10 Replies to “Calling Family Members!!”

  1. Saw your tweet. I’m in if you need someone from Minnesota. What grade is this for because I have three kids who could add something too. My wife is a teacher and I will be telling her about this idea. Sounds like a great assignment.

  2. I’m in the Los Angeles area of California. We’d be willing to to write in the journal!

  3. Hi Mike! Perfect! I think that the student is in 5th grade. Don’t hold me to that as I don’t have the journal to confirm. Send me your snail mail address and I’ll start a list! You can email me at john at jmorehouse dot com. Thanks for willing to help out!

  4. John – happy to help out from Ferndale WA. Sent the journal my way and I will add to it. Should be easier than writing the chapter for TribalSql.

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