SQL Saturday #144 – Sacramento, California

Sunny California.  Home of the Beach Boys, sand, surf, and the American Dream.  And I’m going to be a part of it.  Well, sorta of anyway.  I’ve been honored to be selected to speak at SQL Saturday #144 in sunny Sacramento, California on Saturday, July 28th, 2012.

This will be my first time out in California so I’m excited to go and speak.  I’ll be picking up one of my #sqlbrothers, Mike Fal on my way through Colorado and we’ll be tearing up the town early Friday morning.  Another one of the mid-west #sqlfamily Jason Horner will also hopefully be joining us! This will be a great trip!

Social Networking Is Alive!


This session is about social networking and how you can use it to improve not only your professional life, but your personal one as well.  This session isn’t geared to specifically database gear heads, but to anybody who wishes to improve their online presence through the use of social networking.  It’s a fun session and I hope that the attendee’s enjoy it!!  HINT: I’ll show you how to get free SQL Server help from one of the popular social networks.

Fair warning though, I’m one of the last sessions of the day, so I reserve the right to throw things at you if you fall asleep in my session.  Just kidding.  I’ve got horrible aim.  I will feel sorry for your neighbor attendees as my projectile was not meant for them.  😉

Free Training

Remember that this event is a FREE day of awesome SQL Server training and professional development.  The schedule is packed with an impressive list of speakers, such as Kalen Delaney (B|T), Mike Fal (B|T), Rushabh Mehta (B), Meredith Ryan (B|T), Jason Horner (B|T) and many others.

Check out the schedule and register.  In today’s economy, how can you afford to pass up FREE training?!?!

So if you are in the Sacramento area on July 28th, please stop over and say hi! Make sure to come up and introduce yourself as I’d love to meet you!

Do it.  NOW!!  I expect to see all of you there!

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