Update #2: Prayers for Alyssa

1/14/14 Update from Tami :

alyssaAlyssa and Tina (JM: Mom)  didn’t end up leaving until about 1 this morning. The transplant Dr and a team from Houston flew here last night and had to evaluate Alyssa and ensure she wouldn’t vomit on the trip.

They arrived safely in Houston about 4:30 this morning and will be doing testing on Alyssa all day to ensure she is a transplant candidate. Please pray that everything is a go and she is a candidate.

The communication will be less now because unfortunately they don’t allow cell phones in their picu. I will update when I know more.

I, along with my “team” (as Tina calls it;)) am planning a benefit/ fundraiser for Alyssa and the family to help with anything they need ( ie. meds, plane tickets for Jeff  and Alyssa’s siblings to go visit, Dr bills, and any other day to day costs.) Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated. I will let everyone know more as the information becomes available.

Please everyone, I believe the prayers have worked to get Alyssa this far so continue to pray now that she is a candidate and that her new heart/ lungs become available very soon.

Please continue to pray for Alyssa.


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  1. From Todd Kleinhans in Aurora, CO: “Lord, I want to lift up Alyssa. Upon hearing her story, I can’t imagine what her and her parents are going through. You are the great healer so please let your will be done through the medical personnel providing her care. Give strength to Alyssa and Your peace to her parents, family, and friends during this time. Amen.”

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