I’m Speaking! SQL Saturday #548 – Kansas City

sqlsat548_webThis weekend I’ll be traveling to Kansas City, Missouri for their annual SQL Saturday. This particular event is like going home for me as my first time speaking at a SQL Saturday was in Kansas City.

One of my favorite things about this event is the BBQ Crawl the organizers host on the Friday before.  It’s similar to a -“bar crawl“, – where you hop from one bar to another, except this is done at BBQ establishments around the Kansas City metro area.  Since I’m a lover of all things BBQ, this is right up my alley and an excellent way kick off the event.

Here is the session that I’ll be presenting in room ARP 212 @ 10:00AM, which is one of my favorites:

SQL Server Databaseology: A Deep Dive Into Database Internals

NullPlacementMatters_2Have you ever taken apart a toaster or an alarm clock just to see how it worked? Ever wondered how that database actually functions at the record level, behind the scenes? SQL Server Databaseology is the study of SQL Server databases and their structures down to the very core of the records themselves. In this session, we will explore some of the deep inner workings of a SQL Server database at the record and page level.  You will walk away with a better understanding of how SQL Server stores data and that knowledge will allow you to build better, faster databases.

How Can You Beat FREE Training?

Remember that these events are a FREE day of awesome SQL Server training and professional development.  The only cost to you is if you decide to purchase lunch! Check out the schedule and register.  In today’s economy, how can you afford to pass up FREE training?!?!  The answer is that you can’t.  Go register, get out there and learn.  I triple dog dare you.

If you make it out to see my session, make sure to come up and introduce yourself as I’d love to meet you!

See you in Kansas City!!

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