I’m Hosting! Idera July #sqlchat

Have you heard of these following terms and/or phrases?

  • Database Continuous Delivery
  • Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)
  • DevOps
  • [Insert other buzzword bingo entry here]

You probably have.  Even if you haven’t, let’s chat about it!!

Come join me on Wednesday July 19th at 11:00AM CST for Idera’s #sqlchat on Twitter!! We will be discussing database continuous delivery and questions that DBA’s might have about it! If you aren’t familiar the #sqlchat, every month Idera (B|T) hosts an online Twitter chat session.  From Idera:

This #SQLChat will allow members from the SQL community to discuss SQL Server’s biggest topics with IDERA product experts, and have a chance to win a giveaway prize. This month’s giveaway prize is a Google Home!

I’ll be your host for July!  Idera is giving away a Google Home!

Database Continuous Delivery

Database continuous delivery can be a scary topic for database administrators.  This requires the DBA to start trusting tools & processes, and that’s like pulling whitening from a bull ox.  However daunting, this is becoming a hot new buzz term in-conjunction with “devops”.

See you on Wednesday July 19th at 11:00AM!

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